Microsoft Teams releases new updates for all Chat & Collaboration

Today’s update was posted on Microsoft Teams Blog. 

Microsoft Official Blog Post 

What’s New: Chat & Collaboration
The Yammer app for Microsoft Teams is now available!
The new Yammer App for Microsoft Teams brings a fully interactive Yammer experience into the hub for teamwork, helping you stay connected to what’s happening across your organization, and engage and connect with your communities directly within Microsoft Teams. Watch live events, share announcements, pin conversations, and mark best answers just as you would in Yammer. No more toggling between apps or confusion about where to chat – simply add and pin the Yammer app to the navigation rail and start discovering communities, knowledge, and conversations right alongside your projects, chat, and meetings. It’s Yammer— in Teams. Learn more here.


Acknowledge exceptional efforts and mindset
Despite challenging times and situations, people across organizations are going above and beyond to help our communities. To show appreciation of their efforts, we’ve released three new badges (courage, optimism and inclusive) in Praise, to celebrate those who are truly making a difference. Start using these badges today.



Channel cross-post editing
Do you need to updated information that you posted across multiple channels? Channel cross posting now supports editing a message after it has been posted. Additionally, you can add or remove channels to reach a wider audience or have a focused conversation.