New Digium IP Phones are Now Available

Posted: 02 Aug 2016 05:41 AM PDT

Digium is pleased to announce the release of a new series of Digium IP Phones. The models included in this new D6x series are the D60 value phone, the D62 gigabit value phone and the D65 gigabit feature phone.

The new D6x series of Digium IP phones feature a complete physical overhaul of our desk phones’ aesthetic. They have an entirely new design that provides an impressively slim, sleek and modern look on your desk. They come with a handset that feels even better in your hand. And, they’ve got a gorgeous desk stand.

We’ve upgraded the entire D6x line to include big, beautiful 4.3 inch full-color screens. You get that large screen even on the D60 value phone. The fonts are larger, the resolution is great, and everything is easier to read. The phone’s user interface has been fully updated to take advantage of these new screens and makes use of color cues (not queues, you call center fans) to help guide the behavior of the user. Green is good, red is bad. Active calls are blue, held calls are grey. As you use the phone, color cues can be found throughout, making it easy to know what you should, and probably shouldn’t (don’t hang up that call!) be doing.

The D65 also benefits by including support for wireless protocol (think about it) headsets. If you were paying hundreds of dollars for an EHS-capable headset, you can now buy much less expensive headsets, pair them with your D65 and get great performance, great battery life, and the freedom to take your calls wherever you roam around your workplace, and you can save a bunch of money.

Digium’s D6x series of IP phones require Switchvox 6.2 or DPMA 3.1 or later.