Combining the power and possibilities of new communication technologies with excellent support and service, Coloured Lines offers an alternative to the restrictive and costly offerings of the major telcos.  You can have all the benefits of contemporary VoIP technology, without even needing a VoIP phone system.

Coloured Lines will help you put together a new system utilizing an on premise or cloud based solution. Easily port your numbers or establish new local and national number ranges as well as free-call services. Enjoy cheaper, more functional telephony services offering the quality and stability of the old but with the flexibility and the price competitiveness of the new.


Service Offerings

Business Grade (private circuit) VoIP Trunks

Internet Grade (internet circuit) VoIP Trunks

Cloud Phone System & Call Centre

Hosted Conferencing & IVR

Inbound Free Call (1800/1300/13) Services

Multi-Site Connectivity

Teams Cloud Calling

Advanced Services

Speech Recognition

Biometric Authentication

Automated Call Transcription

Call Recording & Analysis

Intelligent Automated Assistants


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