Facilities Management

Users expect a long, reliable and productive period of service from their technology. However, computing systems require servicing for continued performance, just as a motor vehicle would.

Software, hardware and cloud services all need attention due to the proliferation of updates, patches, performance tuning, new features and increasing workloads.  Consistent maintenance of your physical and virtual technology assets is essential to ensure robust operation.

Service Level Agreement

A SLA is designed to allocate resources to your needs in a defined time-frame should anything go wrong. But traditionally no proactive services were incorporated in an SLA agreement – it was just an insurance premium.

By incorporating Facilities Management activities into the SLA, we touch your system every month to ensure that as far as possible we can proactively maintain its health and report any issues or concerns to you in advance.

On Call Support

For those times when you just need rapid assistance without any pre-existing contractual arrangements, we are available on-call and best-efforts to support general issues through to critical incidents.

We do an immediate triage of your support request and allocate it to the appropriately skilled engineer to work through a resolution with you.  We can provide remote, on-site or advisory services as needed to ensure you get the right mix of skills, cost and timing.

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Cloud Services

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