Aerohive Wireless

Aerohive’s  next generation cloud management experience centralises the management, provisioning, and monitoring of wireless networks without sacrificing distributed intelligence located at the edge of the network within each access point.

The Aerohive HiveManager architecture allows administrators to deploy wireless networks and maintain constant visibility and control all enabled by a powerful cloud platform and ecosystem that tie connectivity, insight, and applications together.

Aerohive’s RF-IQ optimizes the intelligence of Aerohive Wi-Fi infrastructure by using distributed control features to adapt to changing RF requirements. RF-IQ solves complex wireless networking challenges with a combination of radio intelligence features, high density optimisations, and hardware innovation.

This distributed control architecture increases speed, scale, and resiliency, providing a foundation for connectivity that is supported by access layer switches and branch routers.




HP Enterprise Switching

Whether you’re upgrading your campus, branch or data center network, we have the right switch solution to get you connected. We offer a selection of devices from HP Enterprise that range from fixed port to modular chassis.

We consult with you to determine the optimum mix of devices based upon the network topology, your staff geographic distribution and the systems that will be running on the network.

Importantly, choices such as Fanless models for silent operation in offices and conference rooms, Power over Ethernet for VoIP implementations, 10Gbe for core switching, robust prioritisation, QoS and security features, and the capability for centralised management are all part of the mix.  We can overlay devices with a management and support framework as well as a BCP strategy to ensure maximum uptime for users and networks.

MPLS & WAN Data Services

Though our partner organisation Coloured Lines, we can offer a fully bespoke connectivity solution that encompasses layer 2, layer 3 and full MPLS network services across Australia delivered on a mix of modalities and with carrier diverse options.

Coloured Lines is a full service carrier operating a private voice network for business grade VoIP trunking and peering with each of the major carriers for delivery of private and public network connections to single or multiple sites.

In addition, Coloured Lines can offer fully managed networks, managed routers & firewalls and network monitoring & assessment services.

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