Users want productivity not technology.
Customers want delight not complexity.
Technology should be subtle, almost invisible...experiences must be seamless.
That's our philosophy.

Qtec has a heritage of over 15 years in the VoIP and unified communications space. We were one of the pioneers in open source IP telephony and have always been early adopters of the latest communications technologies. We believe very strongly that IT is designed to enable productivity and not be an end unto itself. For this reason our focus has always been first on our client requirements and then secondly to choosing the best-of-breed components to meet your organisation’s needs.

About Qtec Systems

Unified communications requires the careful integration of a number of components. Firstly the underlying network connectivity has to be robust and well engineered to provide seamless transport. Security and access control is essential to preserve the integrity of your communications. Messaging underpins the flow of interactions between all parties thus needs to be functionally rich. And finally choosing the right device for the user that is easy-to-use and provides all the requisite features will determine the ultimate success of any implementation.

Qtec can successfully bring all these skills to bear on every project. We have Microsoft certified specialists in Teams, Skype for Business and Office365 as well as experienced networking engineers, trained security professionals and voice experts. We draw from a wide range of vendors to provide exactly the right device or application to users. And importantly overlay a well structured process to define requirements, deploy smoothly and follow through with comprehensive training and ongoing support.

“Qtec has always prided ourselves on being customer centric rather than technology centric.”

With our sister company Coloured Lines, we are uniquely positioned to offer an end to end solution encompassing carrier services, UC and IP telephony, IT infrastructure services and a range of advanced voice technologies that add value to your business processes.

We serve customers across Australia and some sites globally with a combination of on-site and remote professional services. We happily deliver standalone projects or provide a managed services framework around our solutions.

With the inexorable trend towards cloud services, we have transformed all our offerings into cloud friendly so that you can choose the delivery method is most appropriate from fully on premise to fully in the cloud or in a hybrid mode. Now you can easily consume UC, messaging, security, line of business applications and a vast range of specialist functions all from the cloud and all delivered as-a-Service with usage-based pricing.

Qtec have always prided ourselves upon being customer centric. We spend the time upfront with you really considering your needs and the practicalities associated with implementing new solutions. Only then do we worry about the technology aspect and in conjunction with that we focus on a governance process that makes things easy for users, risk mitigated and measurable in their outcomes to ensure you do achieve the benefits from your investments in technology.


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