Crestron Flex

The Crestron Flex system provides a video conference room solution for use with the Microsoft Teams intelligent communications platform. It supports a mulitple video displays, and features the Crestron UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar & Camera which comprises a high‑performance, full‑duplex conferencing speakerphone and camera in one wall mountable device. Control of the complete system is provided via a high‑definition 10.1 in. tabletop touch screen.

Set up your next meeting for success, with audio and image quality performance that really performs. Pick up on every word, important piece of content, visual cue and gesture with perfect clarity. The Crestron Flex B-Series and Smart Soundbars are how meetings get seen. Heard. And done.

Crestron AirMedia

Crestron AirMedia technology allows for wireless presentation of content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device via a Wi-Fi wireless network. With AirMedia, anyone can walk into the room with a Windows or MacBook laptop and connect without wires, enabling the presentation of any content including Full HD video at frame rates up to 30 fps. iPhone, iPad, and Android devices can present PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF documents, as well as pictures, videos, or any app content with full-screen mirroring.

Crestron XiO Cloud

XiO Cloud is Crestron’s unifying cloud-based platform for remotely provisioning, monitoring, and managing Crestron devices across an enterprise or an entire client base. XiO Cloud enables installers and IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the amount of time it would ordinarily take to manage just one. It provides a zero-touch solution that allows complete configuration of device settings without any hardware in hand, then simply connect each device on site and let XiO Cloud push out the settings, licenses, drivers, and firmware updates – automatically and securely – for a quick and painless, ready-to-use deployment.

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