Your Office can be anywhere

Microsoft 365 provides applications you’re familiar with and files that are always accessible, always up to date. So online or off, at your desk or on the go, from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device, you can get to what you need, when and where you need it. Share files. Join meetings. Stay in sync with your team. When there’s work to be done, your Office is right there.

The latest Microsoft 365 Apps

The new Microsoft 365 is built for teamwork.  Keep everyone organized with shared notebooks and stay in touch from anywhere across your favorite devices.  Microsoft 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device is in your hand.

With Microsoft 365, Microsoft takes security and compliance to the next level. Now you have even more control over your data security and compliance with built-in privacy, transparency, and refined user controls.

Great teams are built on great communication

Connect your teams in real time from the Office applications they use every day. Now, simplify your infrastructure with one platform in Microsoft 365 for calling, conferencing, video, and, sharing.

With Skype for Business, users can keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface.

Personal and organizational insights

You can now create easy-to-use live data monitoring dashboards to discover new stories in your data with even more interactive reports and compelling data visualizations. Delve Analytics empowers individuals through rich dashboards that provide insights on time and relationships, helping individuals manage productivity effectively.

Power BI, a business analytics service, enables you to visualize and analyze data with greater speed and understanding through live data dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations.