Bialik College Switchvox Case Study

Bialik College consistently ranks among the leading schools in Victorian Certificate of Education performance, providing more than 1,060 students from K-12 with an outstanding Jewish and general education. Bialik College’s existing phone system was ageing and at capacity. The school needed a flexible solution that would grow with the school space, increase productivity, and improve communication between staff, students and parents.

Bialik College implemented a self-managed Digium Switchvox voice over IP (VoIP) telephony platform from Qtec Systems. The Switchvox IP PBX delivers unified communications, letting Bialik College integrate its phone system partially or totally to its data network. The Switchvox platform delivers advanced functionality as standard features, including conference bridging, call recording, call queues, interactive voice response (IVR) functionality and integrated voicemail.  The implementation included one AA355 Switchvox server and more than 150 Polycom handsets across the college.

The Switchvox solution lets Bialik College intelligently use VoIP to reduce telephony costs.  The system is easy-to-use and customizable, delivering an advanced communications system that enhances the college’s telephony experience, improves communication between teachers and parents and optimises operational productivity via reducing costs and intelligent call routing.

Digium Switchvox lets Bialik College leverage its existing data infrastructure to reduce network costs, deploy telephones in classrooms, and reduce network management and maintenance costs by moving it to
a single network environment. Digium Switchvox lets Bialik College leverage its existing data infrastructure, reducing network costs, deploying telephones in classrooms, and reducing costs by moving it to a single network environment.