CompNow Switchvox Case Study

CompNow is an Australian-owned business providing IT solutions for retail, corporate, government, education and pro video. It is the largest Apple reseller in Australia. CompNow has stores in Victoria and New South Wales and a retail presence in a number of universities, all of which need intelligent communication solutions to best service its customers. CompNow’s existing phone system was ageing and restrictive both in functionality and the ability to expand, providing the impetus for the business to seek a new solution.

Qtec Systems, a leading Switchvox reseller, provided CompNow with a complete Digium Switchvox voice over IP (VoIP) telephony platform, which included professional services for configuration, on-going support, and system management and upgrades.  Switchvox is a pure IP PBX, enabling CompNow to integrate the phone system partially or totally to its data network. The Switchvox platform delivers advanced functionality including conference bridging, call recording, call queues, interactive voice response (IVR) functionality and a full suite of unified communications features.

Digium Switchvox lets CompNow intelligently use VoIP to reduce telephony costs through the ability to internally route calls between offices based on customer requirement and volume of traffic. All calls between head office, the warehouse and stores are achieved by simply dialling an extension number and travel via their internal network at no additional cost. Converging voice and data onto a single common network also means less equipment and easier integration for IT staff.

The systems is easy-to-use and customisable, letting CompNow manage phone calls and integrate with its other business applications such as their customer relationship management (CRM) system. The system delivers advanced communications that enhances CompNow’s telephony experience, improves customer service and optimises operational productivity via reducing costs and intelligent call routing.


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