Hosted or Premise Based PABX

Now you can easily migrate from inflexible old telephone systems to the latest IP phone systems and UC platforms and choose to run these on your premises or in the cloud or in a hybrid combination of both. Users will have access to an enormous range of new productivity enhancements as well as a plethora of devices that can exactly suit their workplace needs.

Businesses can choose commercial models that are Capex or Opex as well as easily consume on demand a range of advanced voice services that bring new functionality and new ways of working.

User Devices

The communication choices available to users that specifically suit the way they work has never been greater.  Users can choose from desk phones, soft phones and headsets, conferencing units and right through to mobile only devices.

Now you can mix and match devices, with each customised to the needs of the individual user but seamlessly functioning as part of a whole integrated system.

IP Carrier Services

The days of traditional ISDN and analogue carrier services are passed. To get the maximum benefit from your IP phone system with innovative new features and greater flexibility you need a dedicated IP voice carrier.

Running on private circuits guarantees that the quality, reliability and security is equal to that of ISDN but the costs are dramatically lower and the ability for customisation to suit your exact business needs is much greater.

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